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Port police to Govt: Stop sticking

News day / “The government is taking too much time,” said Branch Board executive Sgt Richards. “It has been 72 months and we cannot hear a word from the minister of finance the line minister, or anyone for that matter. We are only being told that a meeting has to take place with the Minister of Finance, and until that meeting is held, backpay cannot be paid,” Richards added that every month the government tarries on the negotiations, the bill for the port gets higher. Since the 2008-2011 period of negotiations, port police officers have been lobbying for a raise of pay and better conditions.

However their calls have fallen on deaf ears. In an earlier report port police officers complained of missing several financial opportunities, as well as losing morale as a result of the stalled negotiations.

Yesterday, he told Newsday that not only are the wage negotiations stalling but government is also taking too long to treat with the health and safety issues that the port police are facing. “We are still waiting on a report with regard to the level of safety in the administration building. We have had calls to refuse to work because of the health concerns at the checkin back gate. Animals go there and sleep.

There are holes in the flooring. One of our workers was damaged there recently and is now on disability leave for a few days.” “The government is mismanaging the negotiation process in the same manner that they have mismanaged the ferry operations. Anything that happens from here on, the government should be held responsible and not the port police,” he warned

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