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Trinidad Express / REGARDING the column headlined “Time to address our abortion laws” by Sherene Kalloo, (Express, July 17), I’d like to begin with an old cliché: “what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.” Because abortion is legal in other Caribbean countries does not take away from the fact that abortion is what it is: the termination of a human life, which, at any age, is a great loss to society. While the writer admits that she does not perform abortions, she believes it is okay for others to do so.

If murder is wrong, then abortion is wrong because it is the deliberate taking of the life of another human being. And it is worse since the victim here is helpless and defenceless. She continues: “no matter what we believe…abortions have become a goldmine for some doctors or ‘abortion specialists’ as some refer to them.” All readers should look at the documentary Blood Money and see how horrendous abortion is. It’s not about helping the mothers but about increasing the wealth of those who perform them. When did medicine move from saving lives to taking lives?


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