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Price Urging JFF To Give Whitmore Long-term Contract

RJR News / With a new JFF president now installed, Boys’ Town fc coach Andrew Price is once again calling for negotiations to commence with current coach Theodore ‘Tappa’ Whithmore. Price says the former Reggae Boyz captain  has proven himself to be a front-runner for an extended run and that a long term coach should be on the agenda as an early item for new JFF boss Michael Ricketts.

“One of the things he will have to do is to have a contract with Whitmore. So develop at least a three year contract with Whitmore where he can feel comfortable that he’s working on a long term programme,” said Price who also rekindled talks about the level at which young players are being developed locally.

“We need to look at youth development across the island with clubs and confederations. There is too much reliance on schoolboy football to develop players and that is only for three months so we’ll have to come up with programmes that are more long term,” said Price.


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