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Property Matters — Invaders’ Bay Part II*


Trinidad Express / THERE is a rising tide of confusion at Invaders’ Bay, so it is time to bring some understanding to this situation. The previous column delved into the Appeal Court rulings and the State’s application to appeal to the Privy Council. There is a lot more to be derived from those important rulings, but this week I am restating the case as to why this is a large-scale development of major importance. In March 2012, Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie, the then-minister of planning & sustainable development, confirmed that the 70-acres of undeveloped land at Invaders’ Bay was worth $1.28 billion. This would be the largest single development in our capital city in living memory, the only questions being “On whose terms?” and “For whose benefit?” In 2012, the former People’s Partnership Cabinet decided to lease two parcels of land at Invaders’ Bay: 1. Dachin: 10.2 acres for a Commercial/Residential complex, a boutique hotel, a cultural focus area and three main event entertainment areas comprising amuseum, bowling alley and movie theatres.

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