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Protecting the popular parrot*

Trinidad Express / The local green parrot called the orange-winged Amazon, has been a popular pet in many households in Trinidad and Tobago for many years. Many of us have grown up with these beautiful and lively birds. I remember as a child, interacting with my grandparents’ captive parrot named Benjie, who was quite fond of mimicking human speech! Benjie lived with my family for about 16 years. A few days ago many locals were appalled at the sight of a dozen or more of these tropical birds cramped in a small cage being sold on the streets in several towns across the country. Photographs and a video of these birds being held captive went viral on social media which resulted in many questions being raised on the legality of this. Members of the public expressed disgust as they considered the conditions cruel to the parrots. With the recent amendment of our local wildlife laws, it should be noted that today, this local parrot species, can only be captured, sold or bought during the open season – from November 1 to the last day of February – with the possession of a State Game Licence. 

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