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Protest outside BPTT compound

News day / Under semi-over cast conditions, residents, who chanted traditional union songs such as “Solidarity forever” and “We shall overcome”, observed that they were able to perform all of the tasks which were being performed by the imported workers.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Guayamay Welding and Fabricating Association representative Bevon Williams said the protest action would continue until they were treated equally by the respective contractors.

“We are protesting against a contractor (name called) who bringing in 95 percent of the people from the outside and they only taking a scant amount from the village,” he said.

“The scope of works are welding, fabricating, fire watch, rigging, scaffolders, all of those classifications, we have a lot of that in this community and we are being deprived of this opportunity to get a job,” he said.

Williams said they would continue with the protest action until members of the organisation were given employment by the contractors.

A BPTT official said he was unaware of the demonstration and promised to investigate the incident.

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