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PTSC GM reinstated


News day / “He was reinstated this morning (yesterday). The thing about it is that Mr Forde had some leave inside which we had asked him to take. He was on a contract and there is a certain amount of days that you can accumulate, so we have asked him to take the days.

I had just simply asked them to bring back out Mr Forde until we deal with the issue. I will meet with him and the PTSC’s Board tomorrow (today) concerning his leave and to resolve whatever misunderstanding they had,” Sinanan explained.

However Forde told Newsday he could not say whether he was reinstated because he did not receive any indication from the Ministry and felt “numb” about the entire matter since last Friday when he was sent home. “I have not seen an official letter, neither did anyone from the Ministry contact me concerning the matter.” He continued, “It was not a good feeling at all last week Friday when I found out that I was suspended. Generally it was not a good feeling to know that you have lost your job because you have gone before the Joint Select Committee (JSC) and be factual about the state of the PTSC and it is all for the betterment of the PTSC. Everything I said was for the improvement of the PTSC.”

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