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Public Health inspectors side with government ban


Jamaica Gleaner / Consumers are being asked to avoid the purchase of corned beef and to report to public health departments any food establishment that still offers the product for sale, the Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors (JAPHI) said.

“We are just following the dictates of the Ministry of Agriculture in relation to the ban at this time, while encouraging citizens to exercise responsibility for the health and safety of their families by avoiding the purchase of the food item,” said Michael Myles, the association’s public relations officer.

The association is also commending the Government on what it says is the proactive approach in the implementation of temporary restrictions placed on the importation, sale and consumption of corned beef originating from Brazil.

“The position of the Government is justified at this moment. The protection of the health and safety of the public must be given pride of place above all else in these matters,” Myles said.

BE VIGILANT The association is imploring the public health inspectorate to be vigilant in monitoring the withdrawal of corned beef products from shelves, as well as the inspection of imported food containers in ensuring that Brazilian-manufactured corned beef is not released into the food trade.

“Recognising the widespread use of corned beef in Jamaica and the obvious economic implications of the ban, we are encouraging the relevant authorities to be expeditious in conducting their investigations. However, in the meantime, public health inspectors are encouraged to be equally vigilant in enforcing the ban,” the association said.

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