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Ralph Doyle to join JLSC

News day / Newsday understands the President, in accordance with Section 110(3) of the Constitution has consulted with the prime minister and leader of the opposition on Doyle’s appointment as a member of the JLSC which is two members short after the sudden resignation of retired Appeal Court judges, Roger Hamel-Smith and Humphrey Stollmeyer.

Hamel-Smith and Stollmeyer tendered their resignations letters to the President on June 22, effective June 30.

A statement from the Office of the President on July 6, announced the resignations while a statement issued the next day gave an explanation for their decision.

Both men were subjects of a vote of no confidence passed by the Law Association on June 1, calling on them to resign as JLSC members for the bungling of the appointment and resignation of former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar, who admitted to leaving behind several part-heard cases on the magisterial docket, but it was later discovered that the number of cases was far greater than what she had initially acknowledged.

She has since said she was forced to resign and has initiated legal action against the JLSC.

The Law Association also called for the resignation of Chief Justice Ivor Archie but he has remained adamant that he will not be doing so anytime soon.

Stollmeyer, in his resignation letter, said he resigned as a member of JLSC as he could no longer continue to inflict the distress of the criticisms and unjustifiable condemnation, associated with holding public office, on his loved ones.

The Office of the President also said Stollmeyer “expressed utmost regret and reluctance to resign.” The office of the President only said Hamel-Smith’s explanation was “for reasons personal to me.” The statement from the Office of the President also alluded to the difficulty in retaining people to sit on Commissions and Boards, saying there was a reluctance by good, competent, qualified and experience citizens coming forward to serve.

The statement noted that the reluctance was “in large measure sometimes due to the vitriol, unfair and unjustifiable criticism levelled against persons brave enough to serve and the resulting hardship and undue distress caused to family members and genuine friends.” The remaining JLSC members are head of the Public Service Commission Maureen Manchouck and attorney Ernest H. Koylass, SC.

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