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Ramdeen files request for information

News day / In the request addressed to Chief Justice Ivor Archie as chairman of the commission, Ramdeen said Archie, at the swearing-in ceremony for the three newest judges, had indicated that each candidate would have been required to take a written exam and undergo a psychometric assessment by an independent service provider.

Ramdeen, who is acting on behalf of attorney Wayne Sturge, is contending that despite a careful examination of the notice published by the Commission on April 13, there was no mention of those requirements for becoming a Judge of the Supreme Court. This, he said, raised questions about the legality and constitutional legitimacy of the appointment process and whether the actions of the Commission could withstand public law scrutiny on traditional grounds.

Ramdeen also questioned the fact that Ayers-Caesar had a number of part-heard matters which the Commission did not require her to complete before she took up the appointment – a move which, he said, triggered questions of rationality and reasonableness in the decision making process.

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