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Regional and international forces help with school refurbishing

News day / The project, which marks the end of this year’s exercise, called on members of the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the Mexican Armed Forces, the Defence Force (TTDF) and Caricom partners to help refurbish the school by painting walls and replanting the garden.

Col Roger Carter of the TT Regiment told Newsday the exercise was testament of the Defence Force’s continued commitment to serving its community, adding that the project not only provided the garden with a much-needed facelift, but also allowed some valuable one-on-one interactions between the servicemen and the students.

“It’s important that the students see what they can become, and this project gives some encouragement to the students that theirs is a life worth living if they continue to stay on the straight and narrow path,” Carter said.

“All too often parents would tell their children that if they don’t behave themselves, the police or the soldiers will come to arrest them, but we’re not about harming anyone. Our goal is to communities and their people.” Principal Lance Mottley declared the project a resounding success. He told Newsday it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from staff and students. Citing the need for more positive role models for youths, Mottley said he believed the project would go a long way in inspiring the youngsters to become the next generation of leaders.

“As always, boys are very excited by the presence of the soldiers and even lent a hand to help out with the different activities today,” Mottley said.

“But besides the actual refurbishing, today’s activity was really to let the boys see how important it is to be a part of something bigger than oneself.” The Tradewinds exercise began on Tuesday and involved military personnel from 20 different countries engaging in counter-terrorist training and disaster-preparedness exercises in Chaguaramas.

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