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Relatives want justice


Trinidad Express / moruga   THE FAMILY of Miquel Rodriguez, 24, who was shot dead by an off-duty police officer on Saturday, is calling for justice. Speaking to the Express, Albert Saran Thomas, who was also shot by the officer, said the family is distraught over the killing and wants a proper investigation to be conducted. The men both lived at Fifth Company, Moruga. Thomas, 28, said he and two other brothers were liming in the area near Woodstock Bar, at Indian Walk, Moruga, when the altercation occurred. He claimed that the off-duty officer was intoxicated and Rodriguez mistakenly took the officer’s car for a friend’s car where he had left a bag. Thomas said when his brother, who had been drinking, went to retrieve his items, the car was locked and he banged his hand against the car. He said the officer and Rodriguez got into a heated argument, when his brother was pushed by the officer and Rodriguez slapped him. Thomas said he intervened in an attempt to break up the argument, but despite this the officer drew his service pistol and shot after them. Thomas was hit while he said Rodriguez was shot eight times. “How could he just shoot him like that? Eight times and kill him. My next brother pushed me and I run into the crowd otherwise I too would be dead. When I looked back I see the man (the officer) over my brother pointing the gun on him. You know the man (the off-duty officer) could have just fight with him but he didn’t have to shoot him,” said Thomas. “We want justice. The police can’t keep doing this. I know there is a Father who don’t sleep. He watching over us and all that happening, but we want justice for this. Look how my brother dead,” he added. The Express understands that Rodriguez was employed at the San Fernando City Corporation as a lorryman. An autopsy is expected to be conducted today at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

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