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Robbery during Catholic Church service


Trinidad Express / A bandit pretending to be a believer swiped hundreds of dollars from the collection plate at the Roman Catholic Church in Arouca on Sunday night.

Pretending to be a parishioner, the thief sat in a pew for most of the service.

The robbery took place around 7 p.m. at the Holy Trinity Arouca Roman Catholic Church. A similar robbery happened in in October.

Parishioners told police that the thief sat in the pews and waited until after the monetary offerings were collected.

He reportedly held up church members and made off with the collection.

Some male members of the congregation ran after the suspect and Arouca police were called in.

However the suspect was not found.

Some parishioners who witnessed the crime posted about it on social media. 

They said the priest continued with the service and sang hymns to calm the congregation.

Social media users have expressed shock and outrage over the incident with some commenting “Oh no! In the church? Madness!”, “Totally new low. No words”, “This is absolutely saddening”, “This place just going from bad to worse. In the house of the Lord..really!”

The incident follows another in October, when a thief snatched the collection bag from the St Charles Roman Catholic Church in Tunapuna.

A bag containing the collection money had been placed on the altar, near where a book had been placed for confirmation pupils to sign.

The thief pretended that he was going to sign the book for his son, but instead grabbed the collection bag.

It was after he walked out of the church, parishioners noticed that the bag was missing.

Some members of the congregation went out in search of the suspect, however no one has as yet been

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