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Robbery in God’s house


News day / Parishioners yesterday asked if they are not even safe from crime while worshipping, where really can they feel safe in this country? The church was a crime scene yesterday as Northern Division detectives returned yesterday to continue investigations. The collection is money used for the upkeep of the church and also for charitable deeds within the community.

“I find that is real ridiculousness.

This is a real ridiculous thing,” said Kerwyn Moses, a parishioner who claimed to have been going to the church all his life and never experiencing such a robbery as what took place on Sunday evening. “How could someone go to a church and rob someone? It have people coming here and looking for God, a lot of poor people and that is where you looking to rob? I just find that is really ridiculous. What if this man go to another church and end up hurting someone who decides to defend himself?” Newsday understands that Northern Division Police responded to a report of robbery in the church shortly after the evening mass. When they arrived, officers were told that after the altar boys had gathered the collection with one of them walking to the back of the church with the cash when he was followed by the bandit.

The bandit pointed a gun at the altar boy and announced a holdup.

He gave the startled youngster a bag and ordered him to throw all of the money in. The bandit then escaped at the back of the church.

Police conducted a search of the area, in an effort to find the bandit, but this proved futile. Officers however found a plastic gun near the Church which they believe was used in the robbery. Despite the news of the robbery, parishioners said they will continue going to the church. “I was christened right here, before the church was even renovated,” said Moses. “I am not afraid that it will happen again. I will continue to praise my God in this church.” Investigations are ongoing.

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