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Rowley hails ‘fantastic win’


The trinidad Guardian / There was jubilation among People’s National Movement supporters assembled at Balisier House, Port-of-Spain, last night after political leader, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, claimed a “fantastic victory” in the Local Government elections despite a record low voter turnout.

As the party’s campaign songs were blasted by the DJ in the carpark, hundreds of supporters wearing red PNM jerseys danced in celebration.

Rowley said the election victory was a good one, especially as it was held in a time of economic challenge for the country. He repeatedly dismissed concerns about the low voter turnout, saying that was traditional in local government polls.

Rowley said he was pleased with those who came out to vote yesterday, adding that the results were “probably more significant than the results of 2013” when the PNM won eight corporations to the then People’s Partnership administration’s six.

The PNM yesterday won seven corporations to the UNC’s six with one tied, capturing all the seats in five corporations, with improved showing in others, Rowley told the crowd in his victory speech last night.

He said the result gave the party mandate to go forward with Local Government reform and the PNM will take the legislation to Parliament shortly.

“We delivered, so we won the elections and as far as we are concerned that is a significant victory,” he said

Chairman of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation Katty Christopher, who was re-elected councillor for Richplain/Covigne, told reporters she was disappointed about the low voter turnout. She said citizens should have more effectively grasped the opportunity to show their support for proposed changes to local government by turning out in larger numbers.

There was a heavy police presence at Belisier House to maintain order as PNM members celebrated well into night.

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