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Scanners not working on Port *

Trinidad Express / Is it sabotage, “slackness” or “wutlessness”?

This is what the Joint Select Committee (JSC) on National Security is trying to figure out as it examines why in the face of a $100 million a year illegal gun trade, the electronic scanner commissioned since 2014 is not being used by the Port of Port of Spain to scan containers and cargo coming into this country. The JSC, which paid a site visit last Friday to the Port, is “deeply concerned’ about the position adopted by the Public Service Association (PSA) which is preventing the operationalisation of the scanners.

Chairman Fitzgerald Hinds, speaking at a news conference yesterday, indicated that the JSC plans to call the PSA for interrogation and hopefully resolution of its concerns.

Hinds said although a nuclear physicist and the radiation expert indicated that the scanner was safe and there was no radiation threat, the Committee was told that the PSA was the only union associated with the Port, which was raising health/safety concerns.


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