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Scotiabank Kiddy cricketers honoured at awards ceremony


News day / The day was a treat for the kids and their teachers as the students showcased their masterpieces and even performed skits and songs for the audience in attendance.

Locally, the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket programme was introduced in the year 2000, with the academic element coming on board in 2003. The 2016 academic component, which took place in 88 primary schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago, involved teachers delivering classroom sessions in accordance with the curriculum, in subject areas including Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts and IT (Information Technology).

Students were awarded in the areas of Art, Craft, Creative Writing, Poetry and Song. They were also praised for the creativity shown in maintaining their ‘Kiddy Cricket Journals’ (special copy books) during the duration of the programme.

Racking up the majority of awards on the day, San Francique Presbyterian School stole the show in the categories of Art and Song, as Simon Deolal and ‘Evangeline Deonat and Friends’ claimed their respective category, as well as winning the title of the Top School in this year’s edition of Scotiabank’s Kiddies Cricket Academic Component.

Pranav Baboolal of Montrose Vedic won the Creative Writing aspect while Bamboo Government exposed their talent as they displayed a version of their play that won the Skit category.

Amanda Seebaran took home the title in the Poem category and William Sammy of Fishing Pond Presbyterian emerged victorious in the Craft component.

Senior Vice President and Head of the Caribbean, East and South Scotiabank, Anya Schnoor stated, “Scotiabank is committed to doing its part to help our communities and young people become better off.

The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme is one such initiative that allows young people to discover and reach their full potential.

It represents not only our commitment to the sport of cricket, but also the development of the youth of our country.” She expressed the company’s pride to be associated with such a programme where children not only learn to play cricket, but they also develop interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline qualities that benefit them for a lifetime.

Also speaking at the awards ceremony was Azim Bassarath, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB), who underscored the importance of the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme.

“As a cricket organisation with a huge social conscience, the impact of this Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket initiative is making a tremendous difference throughout Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, the wider region as we are trying to ensure that the next generation of cricketers, cricket coaches and administrators emerge out of these bright, enthusiastic youths.” The 2017 edition of the Scotiabank’s Kiddy Cricket would formally resume in January.

List Academic Awards for 2016 –

Classroom Segment – 1. Darria Neeranjan (Spring Village Hindu); 2. Magdalene Deolal (San Francique Pres); 3. Elysha Williams (Montrose Vidic).

Poem Category – 1. Amanda Seebaran (Plum Road Pres); 2.Rayya Lalla (San Francique Pres); 3. Adrian Ramsundar (Happy Hill Hindu).

Art Category – 1.Simon Deolal (San Fancique Pres); 2. Sanaa Dick and Jaydn Bhagat (Curepe Pres).

Craft Category – 1. William Sammy (Fishing Pond Pres); 2. Johanson Gajadhar; 3. Saryu Tikaram (Aranguez Hindu).

Creative Writing – 1. Pranav Baboolal (Montrose Vidic); 2. Rochard Robinson (Cunaripo Pres); 3. Adrian Ramsundar (Happy Hill Hindu).

Song Category – 1. Evangeline and Friends (San Francique Pres); 2. Group song (Tulsa Tulsa Hindu); 3. Arjun Bhajman (Bamboo Settlement Gov’t).

Top School – 1. San Francique Presbyterian; 2. Montrose Vidic.

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