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Shazam Enterprises makes pipe-joining ‘E-Z’


Trinidad Express / THE RESOUNDING applause at the end of the E-Z Weld product demonstration in Aranjuez last Saturday was a clear sign that Shazam Enterprises and Investments Limited had ushered in a new era of high performance in the field of pipe-joining.

The event was hosted at Mohammed’s Electrical Company Limited, one of the first businesses to sell the range of E-Z Weld products, and represented Shazam’s official launch of the E-Z Weld line of products, for which they are the master distributor locally. Attended by dozens of industry stakeholders, the session also provided an in-depth look at the principles for proper pipe joining techniques.

Jai Seeramlal, owner of Jai Tech Services, related his experience with E-Z Weld, “I’ve been a professional plumber for over 15 years and there is no product to compare to E-Z Weld. I recommend this brand to all my customers, suppliers and associates. I don’t intend to use anything else because it is both superior and cost-effective compared to other brands. Shazam always supplies high-quality products and their service is top-of-the-line. I think that this partnership with E-Z Weld will revolutionise pipe-joining in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Based in Gasparillo, South Trinidad, Shazam Enterprises has established itself as one of the Caribbean’s leading suppliers of quality hardware products. They also engage in the manufacture of PVC pipes, electrical PVC conduit, PVC fittings and other related items. Their products all conform to international standards established by regulators such as British Standards (BS) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Among their many accolades, Shazam received the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association’s award for ‘Most Successful Market Entrant’ in 2015.

Abdur Ali, director at Shazam Enterprises, explained the company’s business philosophy: “Our focus is on excellence. As a result, we partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers in order to provide our customers across Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean with the highest quality products. Apart from the product launch, this session also serves to provide expert information so that our customers can learn and grow even more successful in their various fields of expertise. It all stems from our corporate vision to focus on quality and sustainability and to contribute to the sustainable development of people.”

The training session was facilitated by Steve Carmichael, sales and marketing manager for E-Z Weld, a United States-based company recognised as the manufacturers of the most complete line of quality pipe- joining materials. E-Z Weld manufactures a wide range of products including solvent cements, primers and cleaners that are carefully and scientifically formulated for specific applications in a broad range of spheres such as plumbing, irrigation, industrial, pool and spa and electrical.

“E-Z Weld has been in existence for 51 years and during that period, not only have we become the world’s largest exporter of pipe-joining products, but we have also led innovation in this industry. This commitment to constant advancement is a quality we share with Shazam Enterprises, and we were glad to partner with them in this excellent initiative that aims at directly benefiting their customers. It was a pleasure to share my experience and expertise, and from the response I believe that we just opened a new era in terms of pipe joining in Trinidad,” Carmichael explained.

Marcus See Wai, sales director at The Water Source Limited, provided a testimonial with regard to his company’s use of the E-Z Weld products: “We started using E-Z Weld as soon as Shazam began distributing the product and immediately we realised that it was far superior to what was available locally. We also appreciate the range of product choices designed for specific applications. Also, with the focus on environmental issues, there is increasing implementation of green building practices. On a recent large-scale project we completed, E-Z Weld was the only solvent approved for the job because it contains low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). I would recommend E-Z Weld to anyone who uses solvent cements, even the ‘do-it-yourself’ at-home enthusiast.”

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