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She should not have been suspended

News day / She was suspended along with three girls who attacked her, but the social workers say the suspension was the wrong approach and that the child instead needs counselling.

The social workers say the teen is a victim and instead of being treated as such, was subjected to disciplinary action.

Some of the upset workers visited Newsday yesterday to voice their disgust at the treatment of the child and to question the usefulness of a visit to the school yesteray by Education Minister, Anthony Garcia.

“You don’t suspend a child after being a victim of a public beating, so that child can be humiliated.

She would experience whatever trauma she would have experienced from the situation and by suspending her, you place additional trauma on her. So who is really protecting the victim in this situation,” a social worker asekd.

Referring to the extent of the beating, one of the social workers who visited Newsday said the child might be in more urgent need of medical and psychological support, not a suspension.

The workers who spoke with Newsday said that of the 133 social workers employed by the Ministry, the bulk have had their expired contracts not renewed while others have had their three year contracts narrowed down to three months.

The official who spoke with Newsday said that Social Workers are the ones who treat with school violence.

“So when there is an issue at the school regarding children, we are the ones who will go in and do the investigation, we are the ones that will speak to the parents, see if the child needs additional help, we are the ones who will refer them to whatever agency.

“We are the ones that do the crisis intervention,” the social worker said.

She added that there is already a huge shortage of social workers in the nation’s schools and it is very undignified to place them on contract and then not pay them at the end of the month but in the middle of the following month. They are calling on Minister Garcia to intervene.

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