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The trinidad Guardian / The accident that occurred on Western Main Road was sure to happen. That hole has been there for quite some time and it is absolute negligence on the part of those responsible.

It is ridiculous, to say the least, that this hole has been unattended for so long, and in front of a hospital. Actually the entire left lane is a mess. And I am sure that within a few days it will be repaired. And quite poorly I bet. But this is the norm in this country. Our style.

If a utility repair is carried out, the repaving of the area takes weeks before it is done, and when done it is the lowest form of road repair you can imagine, a depression or a bump evolves magically. And we all have grown accustomed to this sub-standard method and we accept it.

Quite frankly I am surprised that more accidents are not caused due to improper road safety standards.

Do we have any recourse as motorists when incidents like this happen? No, we don’t, and that is where the system does not function properly. Motorists pay for breaking the law, so the system should pay when it fails us.

I am sure many of us have either been through this or have seen or know someone who has been a victim. I, myself, lost a tyre due to a pothole punctuated Valencia Road. This road incidentally is a disaster.

As motorists we are plagued with roads that are improperly paved and repaired. Insufficient lighting, blown street lights, poor drainage, inadequate signage, dirty reflectors, speed bumps that are unpainted, that you only see after you hit the roof of your vehicle, hazardous items that litter the roadway, loose gravel, busted truck tyres, concrete barriers improperly placed—some lying on the shoulder of roads, deteriorating plastic barriers, twisted metal barrier restraints, that remain unrepaired. And the list goes on.

So motorists do have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Why and how these things go unnoticed and accepted by those responsible and in authority is beyond my thinking.

On the topic of repair, I have also seen a road repair vehicle and crew working in the vicinity of Claxton bay on the Solomon Hochoy Highway. It’s printed MEND on the front door if I recall. But this is a poor excuse for road repair, especially on a highway, as it delivers a rough bumpy undulating surface. Maybe it should be followed by a roller to MEND the roughness left behind. Just a suggestion. Good idea but poor workmanship.

We have a long way to go, and it’s not that we are not capable of good workmanship because we are; it’s just that we accept mediocrity.

Jason Karam,

Wood brook

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