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Sinfully Sweet Delights


Jamaica Gleaner / A man walks into a bar, sits at the counter and loosens his tie and the bartender knows immediately that there is the need for something with a sting. Then there is the fierce stroll of the doll that comes in and asks for a table for one. She pulls out her bun and the waitress senses the desire for that smooth velvet texture.

Bartenders and waitresses possess that sixth sense of diagnosing the ills of one’s day. Flair visited 100 on Hope Road as well as A-Bar on Constant Spring Road and immediately got what the doctor ordered. Each technician displayed high levels of professionalism that were coloured by their animated characters that had persons bursting into sporadic laughter as they anticipated the creation of their masterpieces.

Moderation is, of course, key, and even though you might be drawn into the chocolate swirls or excited by the stem of the cherry perfectly perched on the heavenly delight, be careful not to overindulge. Yes! Medication is good, but must be taken properly.

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