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Six girls get ‘superwomen’ skills

News day / The lack of focus on the personal development of teenagers was one of the main reasons Brittney Nadur developed Safe Zone, a place where girls could learn and talk about their issues with no judgement, no fear, and no masks.

Nadur, Safe Zone Advisor and Programme Director at YMCA, said she understood and did not blame parents for being busy with the practical aspects of raising a child but said that left parents with little time to provide their children with knowledge, guidance or warnings about life.

During her address, she said: “As parents, you drive your teens to achieve good grades for a stable future and sometimes extra curricular achievements if they attain unique skills in sporting activities.

With a house to provide for and children to take care of, parents find themselves preoccupied with day to day obligations and right fully so. It became clear that character building, value and moral establishment, and self-discovery were not at the top of the priorities list.” Therefore, she developed Safe Zone, a threemonth project to equip girls with knowledge about the changes, decisions, pressures, dangers and more that come along with adolescence.

She explained that the topics was designed to help the girls understand the capabilities and limitations of their .

brains and bodies, and give them the tools to create their identity.

They discussed dangers and pressures to be encountered, including drugs, alcohol, and social media, as well as the dynamics of society, including prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, violence and abuse.

Nadur said over the months she had seen the girls, Erin Hackshaw, Chelsea Charles, Josan Sutherland, Jada Espinoza Jones, Faith Wong, and Solangé Morales, embrace their quirks and personality traits and develop into “strong, knowledgeable, aware, and confident superwomen.” She said they now had the information and training which would allow them to settle for nothing less than what they deserved in life.

YMCA CEO, Odetta Alexander, encouraged government, corporate organisations and NGO to invest more in these social programmes as they would affect society positively.

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