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Trinidad Express / AFTER much sound and fury in an election campaign in which there was a lot at stake, even without any possibility of a change in government, voters in Trinidad stayed home in record numbers, but the party in power was handed the victory it sought. But the parliamentary opposition also came away from Monday’s voting with significant consolation, having held its ground, essentially. Technically, however, there was a shift in favour of the United National Congress (UNC), when it is taken into account that the party was able to force a tie in one of the 14 regional corporations, that of Sangre Grande. It was one of the bigger battles of the contest, the ruling party seeking to maintain its majority there as much as the UNC wanted to wrest control to its side. An interesting contest is now under way, with the ruling party saying that by virtue of the results, it expects the sitting chairman to remain in place, thereby giving it continuing control of those proceedings.

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