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Soldier: Why is TTDF victimising me?

News day / Stephens is seeking a meeting with Ag Chief of Defence Staff Hayden Pritchard to have this issue dealt with.

Stephens said that in September 2014, he was a driver assigned to a senior military officer. He said the senior was involved in a relationship with a Siparia woman who was engaged to another man. Stephens said he was asked to drive the senior to Siparia to meet the woman.

He said that on arrival in Siparia, there was a heated argument between the woman, her fiancé and the senior officer. Stephens said he contacted Regiment Headquarters and told officials what was happening.

Stephens said he told the senior this situation had nothing to do with the Regiment and that they should proceed back to Regiment Headquarters.

The following day, Stephens said, the same senior officer whom he drove, accused him of going to Siparia alone and without the Regiment’s permission. Stephens said he was transferred to Camp Ogden.

“When I could take the victimisation no more, I requested to be discharged and was sent on holiday leave. I was told I would be contacted so all procedures relating to my discharge from the service would be put in motion.” Stephens said he never received a call from the Defence Force, his salary was stopped and later on, his photo posted to social media indicating he was not to be allowed onto any military compound.

Three years later, Stephens said he is yet to receive his discharge orders which means he is technically still employed with the Defence Force and is 36 months salary. Contacted by Newsday, a senior Defence Force officer who asked not to be identified, yesterday claimed ignorance of Stephens’ situation but assured an investigation will be done.

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