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Some NWC Systems Still Out Of Operation

RJR News / Scores of National Water Commission (NWC) supply systems are still out of  operation following flood rains earlier this week.    Most are located in Clarendon which was significantly affected by flooding.    However, NWC Corporate Communications Manager, Charles Buchanan, says the number of systems which were shutdown has been reduced. “At the worst point during this whole incident, we had 150 systems or there-about out of operation. We then moved it down and were able to get 50 of that into operation, leaving 100 out… We now believe that we have just about 60 systems that are still out of operation,” the communications manager told RJR News . Many of these systems are out, he said, because they continue to be significantly affected by “any one or a combination of issues related to the heavy rains.” Apart from Clarendon, systems still affected are mainly in St. Thomas, St. Catherine, rural St. Andrew, Portland and St. Mary. According to Mr. Buchanan, a few are also located in other parishes.

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