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Spain donates books to NALIS

News day / Visiting TT to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries, he said such ties would make the nations stronger not only on a bilateral basis, but also with regards to the European Union.

“We are the fifth largest contributor for the European Development Fund and have many policies with the Caribbean.

These are interesting times and being a maritime country we can come together in many things regarding the multilateral scene and the fight against climate change, and promoting democracy and peace through the region,” he said.

Carbajosa was speaking with Newsday after the handing over of some 200 Spanish-language texts last week at the National Library, Abercromby Street, Port-of -Spain.

Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America Fernando Garcia Casas said the donation of the books displayed the committment that Spain has to the National Library. The texts hold invaluable information on cultural, classical and modern literature by a variety of authors.

Written in Spanish, Carbajosa said a language was not only a set of rules on grammar or the way to address daily life, it was a minset, a very distinctive way to think, feel and to approach the way people engaged with others.

“A language is a living entity. It evolves and adapts to new times without ever losing its personality and unique DNA. The mix of authors will give students the chance not only to practise, but also to observe how Spanish has been changing throughout the years.

Carbajosa said he has had meetings with ministers of Trade, Planning and Foreign Affairs, and also with both Trinidadian and Spanish businessmen in order to increase Spain’s investments here.

“We are the second largest world investor in Jamaica and in Latin America investing 162,000 million euros.

We are a strong presence in the region and we would like to increase our work relation wiith Trinidad.

“There is not only tourism, we ‘ve got things to do here in water and sanitation, infrastructure and agricultuure.

I believe our expertise would be of help to Trinidad and Tobago. Also there is infrastructure, there are roads to be put here, so the important thing for us is that the Spanish businessmen take part in the tenders whenever the Government consider it appropriate.

I believe it is important to explore the capacities of TT and Spain, so the Trinidadinas can show the Spanish businessmen what this country can offer, which is quite a lot,” he said.

Carbajosa said their biggest investments were water and sanitation, global exchange, adding that there were a small number of companies who had interests here.

“We should look for something a bit more powerful here and for Trinidadians in Spain,” he said.

Asked whether he would encourage his countrymen to visit and invest in TT given the crime situation, Carbajosa said security was becoming a problem in Latin American and Caribbean countries and required long term policies with prevention and preparation.

“I don’t think crime should hamper the coming of tourists, especially to the island of Tobago,” he said.

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