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It is hardly a secret that the key to successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying motivated. This, of course, is not easy, especially with different energies created to suffocate your dreams and destroy your hopes.

In hopes of helping you get and stay motivated, Outlook spoke to entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Kemal Brown, who explains that motivation is like showering, it only works if you do it daily. You may attend seminars, listen to a motivational speaker or read a book to feel energised, but at the end of the day, it is through consistent actions and reframing your mindset that you stay positive. Daily habits such as reading and speaking to positive people brings across motivation.

“Life is like a heartbeat. It goes up and down. Life is never going to be always good or always bad. It is about filling the gaps between where you are and where you want to go and breaking through those barriers. You’ll never have a day that is completely negative or positive, but what matters is looking for the lessons in the negativity of life and how you can improve.

“Remember that you don’t own all the problems in the world, so be grateful, and live in a spirit of thankfulness. True motivation flows from understanding that you are working towards your purpose everyday and taking the necessary actions to materialise it,” Brown expressed.

Here are 10 ways that Brown believes will help you to stay motivated:

1 Begin your day with meditation and affirmations: This will allow you to think about your goals and your purpose.

2 Have an attitude of expectancy: Choose to think positively because you are motivated by the results of being positive.

3 Keep a gratitude diary: This will remind you of your accomplishments and things you should be thankful for.

4 Read and listen to motivational material.

5 Reflect on your victories.

6 Surround yourself with positive people: Positive people produce positivity energy and environment. This will help you to remain positive.

7 Set goals and follow through: Set realistic goals and be persistent in achieving them. This will improve self-esteem.

8 Make a daily plan so your days don’t feel pointless.

9 Celebrate accomplishments, both big and small.

10 Commit to learning something new everyday.

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