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Strong, Amidst Adversity*

Trinidad Express / Veteran dancer and creative designer, Kandisann Henry was on the dance floor in a school in St Joseph, teaching children a dance move. She was showing them how to do a Trinbagonian “wine” by moving their hands. “How can we wine without moving our hips and waist?” a little girl asked. It seemed the obvious question in view of T&T’s intrinsic genre of dance-“wining”. “Miss, we must move our waistline from side to side,” a boy continued. But Henry was insistent upon her concept. “No,” she said, “dance is a form of storytelling. You can tell a story through any movement without saying a word. Tell the story about the wine…” she advised them. With that, the children moved their hands and their stories were told… That class in St Joseph was a typical session of the talented teacher of dance. The same way the students listened to her in awe as they discovered another way to “wine”, so too do others when under the lead of this remarkable dancer. From Trinidad and Tobago to Grenada to New York, Henry has inspired her skilful subjects as they walk, jump and sway in her graceful steps. A former Best Village dance queen, she is a queen indeed.

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