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TAKDIR: The love story

Trinidad Express / TAKDIR, the Malaysian word for fate or destiny, is the name given to a theatrical production of a timeless true love story of two East Indian indentured labourers who turn out to be soul mates.

The story is set around a young married couple who survive the separation of indentureship but reunite in Trinidad despite all odds.

The man, Gurusami, left his new wife, Ammakannu, shortly after being married, not know that she was pregnant.

Years later, Ammakannu decides to take her newborn daughter, Nagamah, to Trinidad, and in a strange twist of fate the couple meet and reunite.

The story gives a vivid, engaging, and unabashedly honest depiction of life in the barracks amongst the Indian indentured labourers.

It is an original play written and directed by well-known dramatist Victor Edwards, of Iere Theatre Productions Limited, in commemoration of Indian Arrival Day on May 30.

Edwards recently directed the theatrical production of “Sound of Music” presented by Naparima Girls’ High School in January.

He is also known for his work on “Sundar”, which thrilled audiences with his stage production of the story of the life of “the father of chutney music” Sundar Popo.

He is also known for his work on the Nelson Island re-enactment.

Edwards explained to the Express that the information surrounding the production was authenticated by historical researcher Shamshu Deen.

He said that in 1995 he met one of the main characters, Nagamah, which helped him bring the story to life.

Edwards said Nagamah’s mother, Ammakannu, came to Trinidad to work in the sugar industry.

“She came to Trinidad in 1916 – the year before indentureship ended. Nagamah was about two years old. The person who recruited her mother in India told her (mother) she was going to this place where she will work in the sugar industry. They sent her to Trinidad to a cocoa estate in Sangre Grande. She didn’t like it there and she cried for over a year. Until they finally transferred her to the Orange Grove Estate where her husband was working”, said Edwards.

The rest, as they say, is history. 

The cast comprises of many veterans of previous Iere Theatre productions, such as David Sammy, Geneva Drepaulsingh and Sharda Maharaj, as well as newcomers Ambika Ramdass, Kendel Jaggernauth and Jamie Boodram.

The production runs at the San Fernando campus of the National Academy for Performing Arts May 26 to 28.

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