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Teen died after intervening in domestic abuse situation

Trinidad Express / DETAILS of the crash that killed 17-year old David Sancoro on Sunday revealed that an enraged motorist seemed determined to kill that night.

Sancoro’s adopted mother, Joanne Tannis, said she was told that the driver of a pick-up van chased and struck him.

And when he fell, the driver ran over him.

The motorist had turned and was headed back for him when Sancoro’s friends pelt the vehicle with stones and distracted him.

“That person don’t have a heart”, wept Tannis as she spoke to reporters on Monday at her home at Taylor Street, Fyzabad. “That is a child. A 17-year-old. Despite whatever, it is a child in front of you. Your only thinking was to take a life”, she said.

She said one of her sons was with Sancoro liming at a bar in Dow Village, South Oropouche on Sunday night and told her what happened.


Joanne Tannis Video Interview Courtesy: Trevor Watson 

Tannis said that Sancoro came to live in her home when his mother and step father were caught up in a court battle.

“When he was young things weren’t right for him. I couldn’t see him in the streets until things worked out between his mom and step dad, so I kept him for a while. He came by me when he was 12. He went to school and passed his exams”, said Tannis.

She said life turned around for the teenager and he returned to his mother’s home at South Oropouche.

“Things were working out for him. He was back home with his mom and he was supposed to start a welding job today”, she said. She said he told her that while liming David tried to rescue a woman who was in a fight with a man.

“They saw a fight where a man was beating his girlfriend. And David went across to tell him ‘boy stop that nah’. The fella didn’t like that. He pushed David and David pushed him back. The fella run for a blade in his vehicle but my son intervened”, said Tannis. “He told them he was coming back for them”.

She said the man jumped into the pick-up van and sped off.

But then the driver came back with a vengeance.

“He drove back. When they saw the vehicle coming my son dived into a drain. The vehicle bounced the pavement. But apparently David went to jump to hold on to a wall but he ended up coming back down. When the fella saw that apparently, he turned the vehicle and then he bounced him. After he bounced him he ran over him again”, she said.

“For somebody to come out and do an individual that, that person don’t have a heart. Even though you are drunk, alcohol doesn’t have to carry you to that point”, she wept. “Your only thing was to take a life. Apparently he was determined to because he was also going after my son with his vehicle after he ran over David”.

She said the motorist was again headed towards David, when her son and others pelt the vehicle with stones. Police said the driver of the pick-up left the scene.

He later surrendered himself at the Oropouche Police Station.

Video footage on social media showed people performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Sancaro at the scene.

He was taken by ambulance to the San Fernando General Hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

An autopsy is expected to be performed at the Forensic Sciences Centre today.

Cpl Rajkumar of the Oropouche Police Station is continuing investigations.

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