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The plastic rice story is Fake News

Trinidad Express /  Naisa Brand Products Limited has refuted claims that the company is marketing fake rice, purported to be “plastic rice”.

A video of the supposed plastic rice, began circulating on social media platforms last Saturday, cautioning people against the purchase of that particular brand of rice. Naisa Director Fawaaz Khan said the video is just a hoax.

Khan called the video a wicked act.

The ten minutes and seven seconds video shows a woman relating her experience with the rice, which she said she had been using for five to six weeks, made her feel sick and bloated and had a strange texture which felt “rubbery”.

The woman, who didn’t show her face, also rolled the rice into a small ball, which bounced on the countertop similar to a rubber ball.

Khan said the rice was taken for testing by the relevant authorities. He said his company imports organic rice from Guyana.

“It is a wicked person who would do something like that. I don’t know why they did that. We first saw the video on Saturday. All the authorities are aware, the Food and Drug Division has all the samples, Cariri has samples and the Ministry of Agriculture has samples. All of our rice come from Guyana, not China”.

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