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The PM’s 2.15a.m text message to Hinds

Trinidad Express / Saying he was serious about managing the affairs of Trinidad and Tobago, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said on Tuesday night that he expected the same commitment from his Cabinet, using the unanswered text message he sent to his Minister Fitzgerald Hinds as an example.

Rowley said he carefully selected a group of young persons to be part of his team.

He drove this point by recounting a situation involving Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds last week.

Speaking at the Peoples National Movement (PNM) public meeting in San Fernando on Tuesday night, Rowley said he had sent a text message to Hinds at 2.15am.

“He got up in the morning and tell me when he woke up he only saw the text so he couldn’t respond to me and he thought I was sleeping. I say well if I text you at 2.15 in the night I am not sleeping. It means he was sleeping,” he said.

Rowley said his approach was that “hard work is for young people” and he expected an immediate response from Hinds.

“All my Ministers would tell you that my approach is that hard work if for young people and that is why I have a young Cabinet and working them very hard. So when I text them at two o’clock in the morning I expect an answer,” he said.

Rowley said he retires to bed between 1.30am and 2a.m. every day and woke up between 5am and 6.30am.

“I work doing your assignment, managing the team of people I am working with. In the face of this we have had now to be a responsible Government understanding what this country is dealing with because if this is not properly managed the cash to care will disappear and all those who want to talk about the breadline and the Government is dictator they are not telling you that you can’t just leave it so. If you leave it so crapaud smoke we pipe,” he said.

Rowley stated that it was his commitment to country that saw him travelling to London, early in his tenure.

“I have to go abroad as Prime Minister and give comfort to the people to are investing their money in this country. I have to go to the boardrooms and talk directly to those who are making the decisions and saying to them that a change is going to come to Trinidad and Tobago and a change has come in Trinidad and Tobago and we serious and we ready. That is what I have been doing,” he said.

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