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Think twice about Toco ferry port


The trinidad Guardian / The idea and proposal of constructing a ferry port at Toco may at first seem a very good idea. However, bearing in mind the tremendous cost in the added construction of new roads to and from the proposed terminal, the distance by road passengers would have to travel to get to Port- of-Spain, which is the main area of our commercial and business community, and the sparsely populated area and other industrial complexes which are situated miles away from Toco, a much closer look should be taken of this proposal before contracts are finalised.

Government wants to be very careful that this project does not end up as another white elephant. Not only that, the business sector in Port-of-Spain could suffer if the project proves successful as the long established prospering business people there could be the main losers.

It reminds me of an idea by one of our well- known politicians of building a tunnel through the hills of Maracas which never came to fruition. It could, in the end, be just another dream or wishful thinking. All in all, it seems a rather strange admiration, especially in a time of economic uncertainty.

G A Marques

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