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Time to bring out the army*


Trinidad Express / CHAGUANAS MAYOR Gopaul Boodhan has made a call for the Government to adopt more drastic measures in dealing with the crime situation currently plaguing the country. Asked to comment on Friday on statements made the day before by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley regarding the Government’s stance on tackling crime, Boodhan said: “At the community level we’re working with the Chaguanas police and they’re working as hard as possible and doing the best that they can, but I think at the national level we need a deeper interjection in terms of what is being done. “I’ve called for and will continue to call…bring the army out,” he added. He said crime has become a crisis situation that needs crisis actions. “People are crying out, crying out for support, and if you have an army, whatever the legislation, whatever the means it takes, bring the army out. Put checkpoints all over the place.”

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