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Trichologist to train beauty professionals

News day / Williams-Beckles will host a two-day “boot camp” for beauty professionals, even medical professionals, on hair loss, possible treatments and products with which to work. The event takes place on June 25 and 26 at Courtyard by Marriott, Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain.

The camp, which would be done live as well as virtually, would teach its participants to identify the over 100 types of hair loss and how to treat with them.

She said in an interview with Newsday that at 30 she began suffering with hair loss. “My hair was always thin,” she said. But when she looked in the mirror, one morning, at 32, she found that her hair looked particularly thin. Williams-Beckles visited a variety of physicians trying to get an answer for her hair loss but none was able to provide an answer. Prior to that Williams- Beckles worked in the beauty industry abroad, often having to cover her hair loss with wigs and weaves. It took her eight years to find out what was the cause of the hair loss. “It was so simple. All I needed was a blood test,” she said on determining the cause of the hair loss.

She said the top six causes of hair loss were diet, stress, hereditary, environmental toxins, medications and medical reasons, with most beauty professionals being unable to distinguish the differences. Some people would have been told, by someone or another professional, that stress is the reason for hair loss, without reference to health.

And this, Williams-Beckles said is why she decided to host the “boot camp”.

“They should be able to identify the early signs of hair loss,” she said. Williams-Beckles described it as being sad to see, “so many people coming in with extreme hair loss.” She added that many people often only saw their hair as an accessory and believed if something was wrong, “they could live without it.” Many people, like she once did, suffer with hair loss privately, she said.

But often, she said, people did not recognise that the hair loss was the manifestation of something deeper, happening within because there was an intricate relationship between, “your body and your hair.” Besides skin, she pointed out, hair was the second, most likely place, to demonstrate that something was wrong, through hair loss.

“This is why we need beauty professionals to understand this.” Williams-Beckles began her trichology studies, at 41, at the International Institute of Trichology in Alabama. Then she went on to the Elan Centre for Trichology, with which her studies are ongoing.

She hopes to take her information to other islands and is currently speaking with beauty professionals in Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Antigua and St Lucia.

Besides the boot camp, she also hosts webinars and a subscription website called drgeeshairandscalpfacts.

com, where one can get the latest information on hair and scalp maladies.

Also, Williams-Beckles recently published a book –Why Am I Losing My Hair– which addresses a range of health issues contributing to hair loss such as diabetes and alopecia. The book became a best-seller on Amazon in the health, fitness and dieting category. It helps “people concerned with hair loss either from personal experience or as a hair professional learn a great deal about prevention, restoration and healthy support of the hair growth cycle regardless if diabetes is a direct or influencing factor in the reason for hair growth cycle disruption”.

Over the two-day period of the “boot-camp”, participants would have access to the website, see the different diagnostic techniques using hair loss models as well as have access to speak with other hair loss professionals. For those who might be unable to attend in person, one could attend virtually, after which one would have access to the content on the website for one month. The live sessions cost US$997 and the online sessions are US$797.

For more info: or 627-4659.

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