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T&T needs daily clean-up*

Trinidad Express / THE good news is the Government has announced that Solid Waste Management Company has been mandated to undertake the functions of a waste recycling authority in order to ease landfill burdens and modernise waste disposal. The bad news is that instead of this being implemented without delay, the Office of the Attorney General now has to undertake a legislative review to determine the changes required of the company’s by-laws to accommodate the new functions of the proposed waste recycling authority. So just when we thought something was finally being done to address the critical issue of waste management, we now have to let bureaucracy play its part. Planning and Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis, speaking at Thursday’s post-Cabinet news conference, gave no time-frame for these much-needed developments to take effect, but we would hope they don’t get bogged down amongst the other legislative agenda at the AG’s office and are fast-tracked before the current landfills overflow into the streets.

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