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Union to leaders: Solve national issues

News day / “I am asking the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to meet as two leaders of Trinidad and Tobago and not as the Leaders of the PNM or UNC,” said Maharaj who also heads the All Trinidad General Workers Trade Union (ATGWTU).

“Our country is in dire straits facing serious labour issues, unemployment, growing retrenchment, a dwindling public purse, a judiciary almost in chaos, a health sector in crisis, a sense of fear because of crime and growing frustration. We are seeing people’s right to safety and security and the enjoyment of property being violated with impunity by criminals,” Maharaj stated.

“Now is not the time to attempt to score cheap political points or to horsetrade on issues.

Now is the time to use our constitutional sovereignty through the Parliamentary two thirds majority, to create constitutional reform to ensure proper, independent administration of the Judiciary with transparency and accountability through public scrutiny,” he stated.

Maharaj also recommended an “extraordinary sitting of Parliament” be convened to, discuss and not debate the crime situation with a view to creating solutions rather that antagonism.

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