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$US shortage not affecting book suppliers

News day / One manager at Nigel R Khan in Port of Spain explained because our education system is based on the British system, 95 per cent of secondary school textbooks came from the United Kingdom.

However, she said some US suppliers, especially the small ones, require prepayment rather than credit, and so the book store had not gotten some tertiary level and music books.

A manager at Ishmael M Khan & Sons Ltd said, “It’s a small problem with secondary school books but we can’t just close the doors of the store.

We bought the books on credit and will worry about payment later.

We’re doing our best.” She said there was no problem acquiring primary school books because most were published locally.

Vivek Charran, managing director of Charran’s book stores, agreed, saying very few books were imported from the US so the shortage of foreign exchange was not a problem.

About the few books that were from the US he said, “We have been running smoothly, and things will run smoothly for those compliant with the banks.” Charran said if there was any shortage, it would possibly be with the local books since some publishers arrange smaller print runs because they did not want any extra books left on their hands.

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