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Vendors, businesses key to rid city of rats


Trinidad Express / It was good to learn that attempts will be made to deal with the rat problem which is in our main city of Port of Spain. This has been long overdue and this condition is becoming worse by the day. While the initiative is most welcome even if the rat problem is eradicated and proper measures are not put in place it will occur again after a while.

Our businesses and street vendors hold the key to the entire success of this venture. I would like to share a few things that will not just deal with the problem temporarily. First of all the mindset of all those involved especially in the food business has to change. The reason the rats are coming into the city is because they have food at their disposal. All food outlets and street vendors must have all garbage and leftover food properly disposed and in a timely manner.

Some of our food outlets have food there for days judging from the stench you receive as you pass by. The city is a haven for rats. The second thing is that we all must have a clean environment together with regular setting of bait for rodents; this must be a continual process. Our food outlets and businesses must all take responsibility for their space. Thirdly proper drainage to dispose of any waste when preparing food, if left in the city rats will enter to feed in the waterways.

I believe the relevant authorities responsible for the city’s welfare need to ensure that people comply with all laws and regulations set down. There must be a no-nonsense approach by them if we are going to see change. Cleanliness, proper protection from rodents, efficient drainage and consistent monitoring by authorities will help greatly to alleviate to some extend the rats in Port of Spain.


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