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WASA contractor, pay me my $.7M


News day / Jitta is contending in three separate pre-action protocol letters that WASA continues to fail to pay the money.

In the first letter, he stated that the Authority rented mechanical equipment from his company — Glenford and Jason Jitta General Contractors Limited.

Jitta stated that $696,156.86 represents a balance due and owing for rental and hire of mechanical equipment and heavy vehicles at WASA’s request.

In the second pre-action protocol letter sent on Jitta’s behalf by his attorneys, Jitta stated that WASA owes his company $47,510.

The money, he stated, is for the replacement of a missing Wacker Jumping jack which was rented from him by the Authority.

Jitta stated that he rented the jack in January 2014, and, WASA’s refusal to return it had resulted in his company suffering loss of earnings at the rate of $400 a day from November 2014.

The third pre-action protocol letter contended that WASA rented from Jitta, mechanical equipment and heavy vehicles, since July 2012 and is owing him $48,500.10.

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