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What is retinal detachment?*

Trinidad Express / The retina is the lining of the inside of the back of the eye which is important for sight. It converts light entering the eye into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the brain so we can see. It can be thought of as consisting of two parts, the Neuro-Sensory Retina (NSR), containing light-sensitive nerve cells, where the light is converted into electrical signals and the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) which nourishes the NSR. When these two layers of the retina become separated, it is known as Retinal Detachment (RD). This is a very serious eye condition and can cause severe visual impairment if it is not treated promptly. However, with rapid diagnosis and treatment (usually surgery), the outlook (prognosis) is very good for most detachments. Types of retinal detachment There are three types of retinal detachment:

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