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Trinidad Express / William Shakespeare asked this question in one of his plays. Two families were feuding and he was making the point that belonging to either of these families did not mean that you had to continue the fight. His message was that your character is not determined by your name.

He said, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Many married women nowadays keep their family name, as I did. My reason for so doing was primarily practicality. My husband’s surname is frequently misspelt and/or mispronounced so I did not want to change my surname to another problematic one and double-barrelling it, would have been even more difficult.

I also did it because I had been a professional woman for many years before I got married. I did not want to change the name by which my clients knew me. For women, this poses a problem. My husband could have travelled easily with our children but if I did so I also had to walk with their birth certificates and our marriage certificate to prove that they are mine.


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