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Why her but not you? *

Trinidad Express / I’ve heard some interesting stories from women who seek to be in a relationship with a “good” man. These stories are from women who are looking for men, not boys; love, not lust; and women looking for someone serious, not a guy who’s going to deceive her into thinking he wants a relationship just to sleep with her. Some women are baffled at the fact that other women, whom they compare themselves to, are in relationships and they aren’t. Frequent questions I get are: “Why her and not me? What does she have that I don’t? Am I too picky?” I tell women that there’s no need to compare yourself to another woman because there’s only one you, and you’re unique. She will never be you. Additionally, and most importantly, men seek different qualities in a woman. If a man likes another woman, why would you want to become her in order for him to be with you? Having said that, you need to understand some universals about men—easy sex is hardly ever turned away. This is not to say that the women who are in relationships gave it up early or easily. Just remember that all men seek different qualities in women. 

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