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Will this child’s murder go unsolved?

Trinidad Express / IT has been three weeks since the double murder of a father and five year old daughter, and the motive for their killings remain unclear to the police.

The case is far from being solved, but the family of Solomon Joseph and little Solisha, five, have placed their faith in the police to make a breakthrough.

Joseph and little Solisha were shot dead on April 28 while asleep in a house at Leekham Road, Mamoral #1.

The bodies were discovered by a relative at around 4 a.m. who went to check on them after Joseph was late to pick up his wife at her workplace in Chaguanas.

The relative told police he called out several times but there was no answer. He walked inside the house and found Joseph dead. Solomon Joseph’s father, Peter Joseph, said he was called to the house and saw his son’s body. He said the little girl was nearby and he initially believed she was asleep. Joseph said he asked the police to move the child and it was then he discovered she too was dead.

Police said that they are pursuing several leads on the double homicide in search of the motive.

One of them is that Joseph had recently associated with a notorious criminal who is a member of the Unruly Isis gang in Central Trinidad.

Peter Joseph disputed that theory as a “bad rumour”.

“That is a bad rumour. My son was never involved with any gang member or involved in crime. Those things have no truth in it at all. My son was a very hard worker. If he wasn’t working in (the) Forestry (Division) he used to sell in the market. He lived a life not for himself, but for his wife and daughter”, said the father.

Peter Joseph said the family was finding difficulty in coping with the losses.

“Life is so hard without them. My son was my right hand man. He used to help me with anything I was doing. And my grand-daughter, she was the first girl in the family and everybody loved her. She has been in my house since she is a baby. We don’t know how to move on from this”, he said.

Peter Joseph said he had been in regular contact with the police and he is hoping that they solve the case.

“The police assured me that they are working on the case. We have faith in the police to solve this in Jesus’ name”, he said.

Officers of Homicide Region III are continuing investigations.

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