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Winners In Local Gov’t Polls To Be Sworn In December 8


RJR News / The Ministry of Local Government has indicated that victorious candidates in Monday’s election will be sworn into office next week Thursday, December 8.          Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie, said all 228 councillors and the Mayor of Portmore will take their places on what will be the first Statutory Meeting of their respective municipal corporations.     The ministry said it is aware that some municipal corporations had planned to swear in councillors this Friday.     It said however, that Returning Officers have indicated that the final count of ballots will not be completed in time to facilitate this.     According to the ministry, it sought the advice of the Attorney General’s Chambers, which indicated that next week Thursday will be the date of the first statutory meeting.

Introductory meeting

In the meantime, the Local Government Minister will convene an introductory meeting with all councillors and the Mayor of Portmore on Monday December 12.     Mr. McKenzie said at the meeting, he will outline the critical cultural and technical changes that the law requires of elected representatives.     He will also discuss the strategic objectives of the ministry for the administration of  Local Government over the new term.       Mr. McKenzie has indicated that the meeting will be opened to the media. 

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