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Woman with bag over head took own life

The trinidad Guardian / Sewhroni Mohan, the 38-year-old Mafeking Village, Mayaro woman who was found dead at her home on Thursday, committed suicide, according to her autopsy.

Mohan was found dead on her bed by husband Dave Rampersad on his return from work around 10.30 am Thursday. The woman had a garbage bag over her face.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov said he thoroughly examined Mohan’s body for over an hour, both internally and externally, and concluded that she died from acute asphyxiation.

He based on the fact that nothing of value was missing from the home and her body showed no signs of struggle, coupled with the fact that none of her valuables were touched and her clothing was unflinched, he believed her death was self inflicted.

Mohan, according to relatives, had recently rekindled her relationship with her husband and had been the sole survivor of an accident two years ago which claimed the lives of four people along the Naprima/Mayaro Road.

In an unrelated incident, the prison officer found dead at his home on Thursday afternoon died as a result of a congenital heart disease.

Virgil Gooding, 40, was found dead at his St James Street, Marabella home around 3.45 pm on Thursday. Gooding, who was described to be in good physical health, died shortly after exercising.

Alexandrov said his disease was undetectable by clinical check-ups.

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