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Jennifer Lawrence Hilariously Dragged Amy Schumer for Her New Mom Bedtime

Jennifer Lawrence Hilariously Dragged Amy Schumer for Her New Mom Bedtime

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Ah, friendship! That rare and beautiful bond that involves the people you love totally making fun of you. Case in point? Jennifer Lawrence trolling new mom Amy Schumer and her post-baby nocturnal routine. Schumer had receipts for the trolling, proving three things — No. 1: She took her BFF’s prodding in stride. No. 2: Lawrence might be having a bit of trouble adjusting to her bestie with a baby. No. 3: We want to be part of their friend circle more than ever.

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Schumer took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a text thread to her Instagram story of a recent, largely one-sided conversation with Lawrence. It all started innocently enough, with J-Law in desperate need of insight on the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale (ahem, further proof these two are #squadgoals). “You up? I have questions about hand maids take. Tale,” Lawrence texted, correcting her typo before adding, “It’s an emergency.” Schumer didn’t immediately respond, but that didn’t deter Lawrence… at first. “Amy!!! What did she do on season 1 to deserve being in the gallows on season 2. I can’t remember where I left off,” she wrote.

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Then, the truth began to hilariously dawn on Lawrence. “Are you asleep bc of the baby??? Are you asleep before 11? Is this bc of the baby? Don’t make me resent the baby,” she joked, eventually giving up and writing, “Wow. Ur really asleep before 11. I’ll be damned.”

While she didn’t clarify whether she was, in fact, sleeping at the time of Lawrence’s messages, Schumer did respond at some point. “Hi! I’m awake!” she replied. In response to Lawrence’s Handmaid’s Tale query, Schumer noted of the character: “She ran away.” Schumer then later added the entire exchange to her Insta story, captioning the thread, “Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby.”

Of course, it’s clear Lawrence’s trolling was all in good fun — and if there is anyone who understands joking about the realities of being a new mom, it’s Schumer. On June 8, she posted a photo of herself pushing her infant son, Gene, in a stroller. Only, she wasn’t wearing workout clothes; she was wearing hospital-issued underwear ! She has posted a few photos of herself pumping breast milk , too.

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Schumer even specifically blamed her baby for the fact that her new mom schedule doesn’t allow as much time for her favorite TV show (much to Lawrence’s chagrin, obvi). On June 5, the comedienne shared a photo of herself with baby Gene snuggled up on her chest. “Oh ok so I can’t watch handmaids anymore,” Schumer wrote, playfully adding, “#filledwithregret.”

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