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Abdulah to Rowley: Meet me in Diego Martin West

Abdulah to Rowley: Meet me in Diego Martin West

MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah has not only accepted the Prime Minister’s challenge to meet him (the PM) in Market Square, Point Fortin but has challenged Dr Rowley to meet him in any part of the Diego Martin West constituency, of which Rowley is MP.

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Abdulah issued the counter-challenge at a media conference at the MSJ’s Lord Street, San Fernando yesterday. “Yes, we are going to meet him in Market Square, Point Fortin because the MSJ intends to change Point Fortin from being the borough of sorrows to being a borough which the people can truly take pride in,” Abdulah said.

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“We feel the people of Point Fortin will respond to us because they know that the PNM has never really served their interest.” Observing that he (Abdulah) has visited Diego Martin West more than Rowley himself, Abdulah said the PM should “come up in Scorpion, upper Haig Street, come up in Seaview gardens, come up Lanse Mitan, and come up smith hill and the other parts of Carenage which you don’t visit.”

Asked whether he may contest the Diego Martin West constituency in next year’s General Election, Abdulah smiled before telling reporters that they would have to wait until Nomination Day before that question could be answered.

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He also sought to correct the record saying he had never resigned from Petrotrin’s board but had only been asked to reconsider the appointment which he did.

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He said the only body which he had resigned from was the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) after being sidelined and treated with disrespect by the ruling administration.