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GHS makes it six-in-a-row (+Videos)

Hard Rock Punta Cana
GHS makes it six-in-a-row (+Videos)

There is a recipe for winning the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) National Junior Panorama competition.

Hard Rock Punta Cana

And Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey, the six-time winner along with the Girls’ High School (GHS), knows the formula

Third place went to New Grounds Primary School with “Whine of your Life” But the prolific arranger, who last Sunday June 30, spearheaded the GHS’s sixth consecutive win, is keeping it to himself

Second in the competition with 227 points was the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) with Professor’s “Mas in the Hospital” . “I can’t let that out, that is my secret, I can’t let that out the bag,” Pompey told SEARCHLIGHT Sunday night at Carnival City, Victoria Park when asked how he pulls it off

During the competition, the GHS, performing Delroy “Fireman” Hooper’s “Soca Battlefield”, defeated nine other schools to take their sixth consecutive title. They scored a total of 245 points

Pompey, who started playing pan at age 13 as a student of the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) thanked the players, parents and teachers of the GHS for assisting him in helping the players reach this milestone

“I feel really, really good, the hard work paid off. I was working really hard for this sixth straight win and I got it,” Pompey commented minutes after the results were announced

He said the players worked on the song over a two-month period and he is grateful that 46 of the over 60 players who started, stuck around to the end

The GHS is an all girl school, but the band includes a few males, allowed by the rules of the competition, but Pompey believes that the competition can do without them

The rule states that five members of the band may come from outside the participating school. Pompey said that he used one male player on a pan and two in the riddim section

Fourth place was the CW Prescod Primary School with “Jam Dem”They keep going back and forth, so they need to sort themselves out,” Pompey said of the rule makers who added that they had the rule in place before, changed it, now they have brought it back

Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey He said that the problem of lack of players can be solved by going on a comprehensive drive in the participating schools to train different players every year

“Every September we have a minimum 60 persons learning to play pan at the GHS, so if they have similar programmes in other schools and you get 15 or 20 whatever you get, train new persons, keep training new people,” stated Pompey who is taking part in the Senior Panorama competition this Friday with the band Epic Sounds

Coming in second in the competition with 227 points was the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) with Professor’s “Mas in the Hospital”. Third place went to New Grounds Primary School with “Whine of your Life” from Orande “Bomani” Charles. They scored 210 points

In fourth place was the CW Prescod Primary School with “Jam Dem” by Relatives. They scored 200 points. Fifth was the South Rivers Methodist School who received 195 points with Orande “Bomani” Charles’s “Who am I”. The Central Leeward Secondary School was sixth with 192 points gained from their rendition of “Behaving the Worse” by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle. In seventh place was Sandy Bay Primary school with 171 points and a rendition of “P’tani Mas” by Walter Porter. Eighth place went to the New Adelphi Secondary School with their rendition of Poorsah’s “Mouth in me mooma” while ninth place went to the Bethel High School with 155 points gotten from them playing “In de water” by L Pank. The 10th position went to the Union Island Conservatory of Music with 145 points


They played “Career Guidance” by Aloma “Fatty Dan” Cadougan