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Young labourers in the Laluni community

LIKE most youths in the farming community of Laluni, George, 21, and Wendell Adams, 22, although having a fairly good education, are resigned to having to work as labourers in the community, because there is nothing else to do.

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During a visit to the community, last week, this publication found the two young men and Mahendra, 21, another young man, who did not want to speak or be photographed, liming at the home of one of George’s sisters.

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They all attended the Laluni Primary School – the only school in the farming community – but were forced to drop out due to financial constraints on their respective families. “Once a child done write the Common Entrance exam, if you parents ent got money to send you to secondary school, which is outside the area, that’s it for you. It is nuff money to travel everyday. If not you got to find some family to live at, so most of us – boys and girls – are forced to stay home. The boys we does go find `wuk’ with people as handyman, either around the community or we does go find ‘wuk’ outside,” Wendell, the most vocal of the two said.

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“Most of the farmers does plant cherries and sorrel, so most of the wuk you does find in here is picking cherries or sorrel. When the cherries or sorrel done pick, they got people who does come around wid they canter truck and collect it to take to TOPCO,” he added. George said that in their spare time, and mostly on Sundays, they would team up with other boys in the community and play their favourite game, cricket

He added that they would enjoy the opportunity to play competitive cricket on a consistent basis, with teams outside of the community, which would help the youths in the community to develop their skills in the game. He said they would also welcome any contribution of cricket gears